Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred to and from phoenixNAP’s data centers that house its Bare Metal Cloud infrastructure. Combined with network connectivity of up to 50 Gbps, higher bandwidth options ensure improved performance for latency and throughput-sensitive workloads.

Bare Metal Cloud now includes monthly bandwidth packages in addition to the pay-per-use option. This ensures lowered data transfer costs as bandwidth is available at reduced unit pricing.

Bare Metal Cloud users can consume bandwidth in two ways:

  • based on usage
  • monthly reservations

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Both bandwidth billing options have their advantages.

The pay-per-use bandwidth billing model is ideal for workloads that have steady or low bandwidth consumption with occasional traffic spikes.

Bandwidth packages are a more viable option for most other use cases. High-traffic websites, streaming services, file hosting and sharing, and IoT device traffic are some of the workloads where bandwidth packages can reduce data transfer prices.

Whether your traffic is unpredictable, or you know your exact monthly data transfer needs, bandwidth packages help you minimize costs. When you switch to a bandwidth package, you benefit from significant pricing discounts based on the reservation length and package size.

How Bandwidth Packages Work

Choose between seven bandwidth packages, ranging from 15 TB to 500 TB.

bare metal cloud bandwidth packages

For example, the smallest bandwidth package offers up to 15 TB at a flat monthly rate of $300. If you consumed this much bandwidth at a pay-per-use rate of $0.03/GB, you would pay $450 for that month. This totals to a savings of at least $150 when you switch from pay-per-use to the 1-month bandwidth package.

Reserve any one of the bandwidth packages for a longer period and save even more. Along with month-to-month reservations, you have the flexibility to make 12, 24, and 36-month reservations. This yearly reservation option is ideal for organizations that want to optimize their bandwidth spending in the long run.

Bandwidth packages are available in all locations where you can deploy Bare Metal Cloud servers: Phoenix, Ashburn, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Another benefit is that you can share bandwidth packages across all your Bare Metal Cloud servers in the same data center. This feature also helps you reduce costs because you don’t have to pay for bandwidth usage on a per-server basis.

To purchase a bandwidth package, log into your Bare Metal Cloud account, and under the Servers tab, click the Buy Bandwidth Package button. Choose the data center location, package length and size, and click the Buy Bandwidth Package again. It’s that simple.